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Our History and Who We Are today

Our Story

For six decades, CPC-Cryolab has been one of the most trusted names is the industrial gas and cryogenic valve business.

CPC-Cryolab was founded in Florida to support the Space Program and the world’s first commercial size liquid hydrogen plant. The plant was built in Palm Beach County and CPC designed and manufactured all of the valves, filters, piping and transfer connections used in the facility.

In 2000, CIRCOR acquired the Rockwood-Swendeman line of cryogenic safety relief valves from Rockwood Systems of Portland, Maine. This industry valued line of SRV’s helped to further compliment the growing product line CPC-Cryolab has to offer.

In 2021 CPC-Cryolab became became a part of the Marshall Excelsior Company (MEC) family of companies. 

A large number of our product offerings are used in liquid hydrogen and liquid helium services. We are known as the world leading manufacturer of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium cryogenic components and equipment. We pride ourselves with the largest and most diverse family of products supporting the hydrogen and helium markets with; vacuum jacketed filters, valves, hoses, piping systems, manifolds and transfer connections available in the industry.

Who We Are Today

Today, CPC-Cryolab continues to produce state-of-the-art equipment while developing new technology for the cryogenic and industrial gas industries. In 2021, CPC-Cryolab, now a MEC company, was moved to a new facility in Tampa, Florida which will provide the additional capacity needed to reintroduce to the market the 30+ product line offerings while also becoming more aggressive with new product development. 

CPC-Cryolab has tens of thousands of valves and equipment in live hydrogen service around the globe today, with a vast number of this equipment being built as far back as 35-40 years in continuous liquid hydrogen service and applications without a single incident. CPC-Cryolab products provide highly engineered, long term solutions upheld by the highest standards for performance, safety and our world’s environment. CPC-Cryo celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2021 as brand and product line of Marshall Excelsior Company.

World-Class Customers

CPC-Cryolab cryogenic valves are used extensively throughout the US and globally by all of the industrial gas companies, as well as NASA and ground support facilities throughout the United States.

Back in the early nineties, we were the primary valve supplier to the Super-Conducting Super-Collider (SSC) project for both magnet cooling and liquefier production. Today, our control valves are used in highly critical applications in both liquid and gas production facilities. We supply cryogenic valves and associated hardware for many national laboratories involved in subatomic particle research with liquid helium cooled accelerator rings. Our product are used in applications such as hydrogen mobility, space, medical diagnosis devises, and semiconductors to name a few.

High Standards

Industrial gas producers such as Air Products and Chemicals, Linde-Messer (Praxair) and Air Liquide have all specified our valves and hardware worldwide for both their own usage, as well as for usage by their customers.

As long as the space shuttle has been flying, CPC-Cryolab has designed and manufactured the valves, filters, VJ manifolds and VJ fill hoses that control the liquid oxygen (LOX) and liquid hydrogen (LH2) loaded onto the shuttle for engine fuel, breathing gas, and fuel cell power generation. Our products were part of the Apollo missions to take mankind to the moon.

Products & Services

We continue to be known as the world leading manufacturer of cryogenic components. Our diverse product line includes vacuum jacketed filters, valves, hoses, piping manifolds and transfer connections.

We manufacture a complete line of cryogenic valves, filters and bayonets used for LNG, standard cryogenic and specialty gases, as well as Ultra High Purity cryogenic systems supporting the semiconductor industry.
CPC-Cryolab has provided extensive research in cooperation with major industrial gas companies in the principles and workings of cryogenic valves and filters. We hold these reports as well as any of the acceptance reports in strict confidentiality.

Our Team

Illustration of a man in a casual suit smiling
Stan Levandowski

Director of Business Developement

Stan Levandowski has 47 years’ experience in cryogenics, specializing in liquid hydrogen and liquid helium applications for Space Launch Systems, Superconductivity and MRI, and Ultra-High Purity bellow Sealed valves for semi-conductor industry. Stan's technical knowledge covers cryogenic valve design, vacuum insulated equipment, vacuum seal-off valves, filters, bayonet connections, and related piping systems and cryogenic storage vessels. Stan is a war veteran, having served in the US Navy.

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Gueila Padilla

Sales Representative

Gueila Padilla has worked at CPC-Cryolab for almost seven years. Gueila oversees and manages our customers’ project requests from start to finish, where she educates and advises about their different products and services options. Gueila has worked with large global technology companies in the past, and she brings a wealth of business and innovation skills to the table. Gueila helps customers navigate technical issues and project tasks seamlessly so they can meet their business objectives. You can expect the best customer service experience when working with Gueila.

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Most extensive line of cryogenic equipment in the world

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